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  • Gunung Agung Pesangkan Bali I Nengah Subadra
  • Purification of Barong at Masceti Beach, Gianyar Regency, Bali
  • Nusa Penida Island, the sister island of Bali
  • Tomato Farm nearby Batur Lake, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, Bali
  • Mount Agung - the highest mountain in Bali, captured from Pesangkan Village, Karangasem Regency

Founder of Bali Tourism Directory

Bali Tourism Directory was initiated and found by I Nengah Subadra PhD, a Balinese tourism scholar who completed and obtained Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Tourism at the University of Lincoln, the United Kingdom.




Dr Subadra began to be interested in tourism since he wrote a final thesis for his undergraduate degree at the University of Warmadewa in Denpasar, Bali in 1999 that analysed the use of English in tourism website advertisement.



Then in 2004 he continued his study to Udayana University to take Master Degree in cultural tourism studies which discusse the role of Mangrove Ecotourism in increasing the awareness of local people toward enviroment.





Since then he had more intensive and deeper engagement with tourism and inspired to continue his study at the University of Lincoln, United Kingdom undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) which awarded immediatly after he passed the Viva (Final Oral Examination) in November 2014.


Dr Subadra discussed about the complexity of cultural tourism in Bali which has been long well-known as world most popular cultural tourism destination. The academic discussions include current policy of tourism development in Bali, designation of sacred sites as tourism sites, significance of temple as a worshipping site, Hindu rites and meaning, conflict of interest within tourism stakeholders in Bali. 



Campus Life

Dr I Nengah Subadra is a Principal Lecturer at Universitas Triatma Mulya (University of Triatma Mulya) registered under National Lecturer Indentification Number (NIDN) 0830077701.


Dr I Nengah Subadra is now the Dean of Faculty of Tourism, University of Triatma Mulya. He used to be assigned as the Head of Department for Applied Bachelor Degree of Tourism Programme at the Tourism Institute of Triatma Jaya which is in Bali well-known as Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Triatma Jaya or STIPAR Triatma Jaya where people in Bali and even Indonesia learn about tourism, hotel and restaurant.





Dr I Nengah Subadra has been appointed to head this particular department since he completed his PhD at he University of Lincoln, United Kingdom. He teaches some courses including Sustainable Tourism Development, Living Enviromental Studies, Tourism Regulation, Hotel and Tourism Planning, English for Hotels and Restaurants, Tourism Destination Management and Research Methodology.


Dr I Nengah Subadra is also teaching at the Graduate School of Udayana University, Denpasar Bali. He teaches Cultural Tourism, a compulsory course for Master's students on Tourism Studies which taught by teaching team consisting Professor I Nyoman Darma Putra, Professor I Nyoman Kutha Ratna and Dr I Nengah Subadra.


For this Acadic Year (2016/2017) he is appointed to teach Cultural Heritage Tourism for International class with Professor I Wayan Ardika - his former lecturer when studied cultural tourism at University of Udayana, Bali-Indonesia.


In addition, Dr I Nengah Subadra is also teaching at the Graduate School of Economics Institute of Triatma Mulya. Currently he teaches Research Methodology course especially on Qualitative Method where he is expertise in that gained during his research process to obtain his PhD in the United Kingdom.


Additionally, Dr I Nengah Subadra is also teaching Marketing Management of Tourism Destination that mainly discuss about marketing stategy for tourism destination, tourism site, and tourism attraction using the marketing core concepts: segmenting, targeting and positioning; and of course other related topics such as marketing mixed, tourism branding, destination image, digital marketing and so forth.  




Researches and News Informant

Dr Subadra commits to support tourism and culture researches and also news publications which use Bali as case studies. There have been many foreign researchers and journalists interviewing Dr Subadra in relation to tourism developments in Bali:


Sarah Behling, a bachelor student in tourism management at the Harz University of Applied Sciences in Germany researching about a fitness event company thinking about expanding the buisness to the beautiful island of Bali.


Alina Hartenthaler, a postgraduate student from the University of Vienna, Austria currently working on her master thesis about the religious diversity in Indonesia and about the question how that influences tourism.


Keira Wright, a Jurnalist of the REUTER (Australia), writing about impact of Covid-19 on Bali tourism.


Randy Mulyanto, a Jurnalist of the Telegraph (United Kingdom), writing about Indonesia’s Bali reopens to local tourists with anti-covid certificates for businesses.


Should you need an informant for Bali tourism research, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Subadra through the details contacts given in the end of this page. He would be vere pleased to assist and support your research.



Researches & Publications


Dr I Nengah Subadra has published a number of scientific articles in national and internation journals and also common articles in national newspaper. Please click the following links to see and download the detailed paper.





Publications in 2021:


Subadra, I N. (2021). Destination management solution post COVID-19: Best practice from Bali – A world cultural tourism destination. In: In V.B.B. Gowreesunkar,  S.W. Maingi, H. Roy and R. Micera (Eds). Tourism Destination Management in a Post-Pandemic Context: Global Issues and Destination Management Solutions. Bingley (United Kingdom): Emerald Publishing Limited.


Subadra, I N. and Hughes, H. (2021). Pandemic in Paradise: Tourism Pauses in Bali. Tourism and Hospitality Research. London: Sage Publication. p.1-7. DOI:


Subadra, I N. (2021). Pariwisata Budaya dan Pandemi Covid-19: Memahami Kebijakan Pemerintah dan Reaksi Masyarakat Bali. Jurnal Kajian Bali (Journal of Bali Studies), Vol. 11, No. 1, p. 1-22. DOI:



Publications in 2020:

Subadra, I N. (2020). Mitigating Earthquake and Tsunami Risks in Coastal Tourism Sites in Bali. In: C. M. Hall and G. Prayag, (Eds). Tourism and Earthquakes. Bristol (United Kingdom): Channel View Publications. pp. 65-81.


Publications in 2019:


Subadra, I N. (2019). Alleviating poverty through community-based tourism: Evidence from Batur Natural Hot Spring Water – Bali. African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure, Volume 8 (51)



Subadra, I N. et al. (2019). Investigating Push and Pull Factors of Tourists Visiting Bali as a World Tourism Destination. Andhra Pradesh (India): International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research. pp. 252-269



Subadra, I N. (2019). Gaining In-Depth Understanding Through Mixed Methods Case Study: An Empirical Research From Temple Tourism in Bali Research Method Cases. London: Sage Publication 




Publications in 2018:

Subadra, I Nengah (2018) aman Ujung Karangasem: a newly re-conserved heritage site in Eastern Paradise. Bulletine of Triatma Surya Jaya Foundation.



Wibisono, N. and Subadra, I N. (2018) Analisa Persepsi Wisatawan terhadap Jawa Barat sebagai Destinasi Wisata. Badung: Jurnal Perhotelan dan Pariwisata Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Triatma Jaya.


Gede, I P., Idrus, S. and Subadra, I N. (2018). Potensi Desa Gumantar di Kabupaten Lombok Utara sebagai Desa Wisata. Badung: Jurnal Perhotelan dan Pariwisata Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Triatma Jaya.



Ardika, I W. and Subadra, I N. (2018). WARISAN BUDAYA DUNIA: Pura Taman Ayun dan Pura Tirtha Empul sebagai Daya Tarik Wisata di Bal. Denpasar: Pustaka Larasan.




The book only costs IDR 60 000 (Sixty Thousand Indonesian Rupiah) + Dilivery Service and shall be available in book stores in Denpasar Bali soon.

Simply just order directly to 0895602767732 by informing Full Name, Detailed Address and Phone Number.




Publications in 2017:


Sudiarta, M. and Subadra, I N. (2017) Producing competent vocational higher education graduates - evidence from Tourism Institute of Triatma Jaya. Badung: Jurnal Perhotelan dan Pariwisata Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Triatma Jaya



Wisnawa, I M. B., Sutapa, I K. and Subadra, I N. (2017) Potensi Desa Pekraman Mendek Sebagai Desa Wisata Ekologi di Tabanan Bali. Badung: Jurnal Perhotelan dan Pariwisata Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Triatma Jaya.



Publications in 2016:

Subadra, I N. (2016). Exploring the roles of vocational higher educations in creating competent graduates: evidence from Tourism Institute of Triatma Jaya. Denpasar: Prosiding SEMNASVOKTEK 2016.


Subadra, I N., Wisnawa, I M.B., and Artana, A (2016) Pura Tanah Lot: konflik di obyek dan daya tarik wisata global. Badung: Jurnal Perhotelan dan Pariwisata Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Triatma Jaya. 



Publications in 2015:

Subadra, I N. (2015). Preserving the Sanctity of Temple Sites In Bali: Challenges from Tourism. Lincoln (United Kingdom): PhD Thesis. University of Lincoln.



Publications in 2008:

Perempuan Bali dalam Pariwisata



Publications in 2006:

Subadra, I. N. (2006). Ekowisata Hutan Mangrove dalam Pembangunan Pariwisata Berkelanjutan: Studi Kasus di Mangrove Information Center, Desa Pemagon, Kecamatan Denpasar Selatan, Kota Denpasar: Denpasar: Master Thesis (University of Udayana).


Subadra, I N. (2006). Agrotourism Wahana Pelestarian Alam dan Budaya serta Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Lokal Studi Kasus di Bagus Agro Pelaga. Badung: Jurnal Manajemen pariwisata.


Subadra, I N. and Nadra, N.M. (2006). Dampak Ekonomi, Sosial-Budaya dan Lingkungan Pengembangan Desa Wisata di Jatiluwih-Tabanan. Badung: Jurnal Manajemen Pariwisata.



 Other Interesting Blog Articles




Part Time Works

As already noted, Dr I Nengah Subadra’s main job is lecturing in higher educations such as Tourism Institute of Triatma Jaya and University of Triatma Mulya.


Dr Subadra is also translating legal documents from Indonesian to English and vice versa, including Graduation Certificate, Academic Transcripts, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Death Certificate, Identification Card, Driving License, Declaration, Notarial Deeds, Court Ruling, Sale and Purchase Agreement, Lease Agreement, etc.  READ THE DETAILED PRICE & TERMS AND CONDITIONS 


Dr I Nengah Subadra is presently registred as a translator at the Language Assistance - the most recognized SWORN and CERTIFIED Translation Office in Denpasar Bali that serves legal document translation services.


His translation works have been widely accepted in Indonesian government offices and also overseas government offices since he cooperates formally with sworn and certified translators in Indonesia and NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) Certified translator in Australia who proofread the translated document or target language to ensure the translations are true and accurate. 


Dr I Nengah Subadra has been working as a translator for many years exactly since 2003, immediately after he completed his first degree of English Literature until today. 


He is a registered member of PROZ - an international Translator Association based in Syracuse, the United States of America. This membership has brought his translation works recognized widely over the world.


He learnt translation theory and practice for 4 years in the university and continued to learn native English vocabularies in the United Kingdom while he was undertaking a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) at the University of Lincoln. Such long experience and education background have made the translation works of Dr I Nengah Subadra are qualified and accepted world widely. Experiences make perfect! 


Overseas clients who need English >< Indonesian translations can now make payment very easily using His PayPal Account which can be paid from almost all countries over the globe. It is safe and instantly received. 



In addition, Dr I Nengah Subadra is also an IELTS Preparation teacher in Denpasar Bali. He has taught hundred of students preparing thier academic English for studying abroad since he completed his first degree on English Literature in 2003. 


His long experiences in teaching IELTS Preparation in Bali and living in the United Kingdom have been served as reference for the rich family in Bali to choose the best IELTS Preparation teacher in Denpasar Bali who can evidently help students reaching overall band score between 6.00 and 7.00 as mostly required by overseas universities. 


Finally, Dr I Nengah Subadra is the Founder of "LANGUAGE ASSISTANCE" which specifically offers Office Schooling programmes for English and Indonesian Language Courses and also Certified and Sworn Translation Office in Denpasar Bali.







Short Semester / Modul or Assignments (Enviromental Studies, Tourism Regulation, English for Hotel and Restaurant, Sustainable Tourism Development, Research Methodology, Cultural Tourism  and Cultural Heritage Tourism) by Dr I Nengah Subadra can be DOWNLOADED HERE.



Personal and Family Life


Personal and Family


My Travel Experiences


Pengalamanku Jalan-jalan




Dr I Nengah Subadra's Detailed Contacts




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Office Address / Visiting Address
(Week days:  Monday-Friday between 8 and 4 by appointment ONLY)
(Academic Building, 4th Floor, Room 408)
Jalan Kubu Gunung
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Desa Dalung
Kecamatan Kuta Utara 
Kabupaten Badung
Provinsi Bali
Home Address:
Jalan Nagasari III
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Contact Language Assistance, a Bali based sworn and certified translation office that offers high quality translations for Indonesian and foreign languages such as English, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, etc. 



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Bali is very popular for its temples. It ranges from family temple to public temple. There are a number of rites as a part of Balinese culture that can be seen while visiting temples across the island so-called "authentic". This would be much greater rather than enjoying staged attractions which purposely performed for tourists. Explore the island and enjoy these unique attractions.






Holiday in Bali will never be boring as there are a number of activities to engage with such as swimming, sunbathing, dolphin watching, relaxing on the beach, or showering in natural hot spring water. These activities will refresh your mind and refine your energy.



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Explore Indonesia - the richest cultural and natural resources in the world with millions of diversities. This is the best place where tourists can gaze at and engage with them while escaping daily routines.







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