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  • Gunung Agung Pesangkan Bali I Nengah Subadra
  • Purification of Barong at Masceti Beach, Gianyar Regency, Bali
  • Nusa Penida Island, the sister island of Bali
  • Tomato Farm nearby Batur Lake, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, Bali
  • Mount Agung - the highest mountain in Bali, captured from Pesangkan Village, Karangasem Regency

Lembongan Island Tour

Looking for BEST and FASTEST boat service to Lembongan, Bali? Bali Tourism Directory is offering the CHEAPEST tickets both for one way and return transfers from Bali Island to Lembongan Island and vice-versa. 




Departing from Sanur Beach and crossing ocean for about 45 minutes, tourists will then enjoy the spectacular view of Mushrom Beach - the prort where the fast boat disembarked in Lembongan, Klungkung Regency. Of course, all tourists will be challenged to experience the great waves along the blue paradise ocean until reaching the seaside of Lembongan Island. 



 Sanur (South Denpasar) Port


Sailing with a fast Ferry to Lembongan will enrich your holiday experience in Bali. Tourists will experience and be amazed how rich Bali on natural resources is. So tourits will witness that Bali is not only rich on cultures and traditions but also natures such as ocean, hills, rock, beach, dolphin (if lucky), and under water lives.




It is good and really impresive to spend a day or two in this little island. A tourist from Oregon who visited Lembongan with fast boat argued:



"Fast and fun. Took fast boat to local island. Crew was helpful and attentive making you feel safe. The island was quiet and quaint. Nice day trip for snorkling or diving or just exploring". 

(Tourists from Oregon on TripAdvisor, 16 April 2017)


 A number of seaside activities can be done in Lembongan island such as swimming, snorkkling, diving or a coastal walk or even just explore the small island. The longer time spend on the island the more knowledge you will get on this Bali's sister island.


Of course, you need a cheap Boat to Lembongan to reach the island. Some tourists prefer the cheap one while some also love the most expensive ones. It really depends on the tourists' budgets. So, what is the chepest Boat Ticket to Lembongan.


Currently, there are six fast boat services perated by different companies offering transfers to Lembongan Island namely: Marlin, Tamarin, Sanur Express, Rocky, Arthamas and Scoot. They do have almost the same service quality and the same speed reaching the island as well as fares. Please read the details of the boats below!





RETURN Tickets Fare


Return tickets (without Pick-up service)

IDR 300 000 per person




Return tickets (with Pick-up service)


IDR 400 000 per person




ONE WAY Tickets Fare



One way tickets (without Pick-up service)


IDR 175 000 per person



One way tickets (with Pick-up service)


IDR 225 000 per person






1. The special fares offered above are only valid for DIRECT BOOKING to Bali Tourism Directory.


2. More people, more discount!


3. Advanced reservation is highly needed to ensure the seats are still available. Reservation can be easily made through phone, WhatsApp (WA) and email by completing data (Full Name, Hotel Name, Room Number, Number of people joining the course, date of departure and return).


4. WhatsApp number: +62 895 602 767 732. 

    Our Fluent English speaking staff will assist your andvanced booking.   





MARLIN - Lembongan Cruiser

Sail to Lembongan with Marlin fast boat! The friendly boat crews of Marlin will welcome you on board and transfer you to Lembongan Island very quickly about 45 minutes from Sanur. 


marlin-cruises Bali Tourism Directory Marlin Boat sailing on teh ocean



Marlin Schedule:



Sanur (Bali) – Lembongan Island
10.00 Am
13.00 Pm
16.00 Pm



Lembongan Island – Sanur (Bali)
08.30 Am
11.30 Am
15.00 Pm


marlin-cruise-Bali Tourism Directory

Boarding from Sanur to Lembongan



What do the tourists say about Marlin Fast Boat to Lembongan on TripAdvisor?


As advertised, on time, and convenient. Booked our transportation a few weeks before our trip. Of the many transport/boat services, I chose Marlin based on their 15:00 boat from Nusa L back to Sanur. They picked us up in Ubud and drove us to Sanur to catch the 10:00 boat to Nusa L. Then back to Sanur and drove us to the airport. (Tourists from Dubai, United Arab Emirate on TripAdvisor, 12 June 2019)


This online review suggests that this is one of the best boat service to Lembongan Island for the tourists who want to explore the remote side of Paradise Bali especially the region of Klungkung which shall be reached within a 45 minute sail to Lembongan.






 Enjoy the wave on Boat to Lembongan 






SANUR EXPRESS - Lembongan Cruiser


Sail to Lembongan with Sanur Express Ferry! The friendly boat crews of Sanur Express will welcome you on board and transfer you to Lembongan Island very quickly about 45 minutes from Sanur. 


sanurexpress-Bali Tourism Directory Promotion1

Sanur Express on the blue ocean




Sanur Express Schedule:


Sanur (Bali) – Lembongan Island 
09.00 Am 
11.00 am 
13.00 Pm



Lembongan Island – Sanur (Bali) 
11.15 Am 
16.30 Pm 

sanurexpress-Bali Tourism Directory Promotion






ROCKY - Fast Boat to Lembongan


Visit Lembongan with Rocky fast boat! The friendly boat crews of Rocky Boat will welcome you on board and transfer you to Lembongan Island very quickly about 45 minutes from Sanur. 




What do the tourists say about Rocky Fast Boat to Lembongan on TripAdvisor?



ROCKY Fast Boat to Lembongan. Rocky boats fantabulous. Excellent service, booked via email, nothing any problem, very professional, inclusive of pick up and delivery. (Tourist from Melbourne, Australia on TripAdvisor, 19 May 2017)


This tourist expresses experinces gained during the trip to Lembongan with specific case of service. This suggests that the way the company handlle its guests are professional to ensure all tourists sailing on this boat satisfied and memorable.



Fast, cheap and reliable. Brilliant! The prices are very reasonable for the services provided. Picked up from hotel and dropped off on the other side and the same back

(Tourist from Darwin, Australia on TripAdvisor, August 2019).


It seems that speed, price, service offered and punctuality are most important consideration for tourists choosing the best boat to Lembongan island. This suggests that all boat operators preparing Lembongan transfers should realy pay attention on this factors to get more and more tourists sailing to Lembongan with them.






This online review suggests that this is one of the best boat service to Lembongan Island for the tourists who want to explore the remote side of Paradise Bali especially the region of Klungkung which shall be reached within a 45 minute sail to Lembongan.






ARTHAMAS - Best and fast Boat to Lembongan


Visit Lembongan with Arthamas fast boat! The friendly boat crews of Arthamas Boat will welcome you on board and transfer you to Lembongan Island very quickly about 45 minutes from Sanur. 



What do the tourists say about Rocky Fast Boat to Lembongan on TripAdvisor?




Choose Arthamas! Went with Arthamas on our return to Sanur. They were right on time, The check in went smoothly, and we arrived prior to schedule. Would def. Recommend Arthamas. (Tourists from Olso, Norway on TripAdvisor, August 2019).



Really good service, and great place to wait for the boat in Lembongan! Waiting on the boat on Lembongan is great! They have a club with great music, drinks, you can even jump in the pool if you want to! (Tourists from Amsterdam, The Netherlands on TripAdvisor, July 2019).



Our whole trip was seamless and so well organised...The staff helped us wade out and made sure we were ok...The journey over to Lembongan was comfortable although the return was bumpy. Our onward transport was waiting to take us to our hotel. On the way back we were picked up at the time specified, spent an hour or so at their beach club and transferred to our hotel in Sanur... I was very impressed with the organisation of our trip and the quality of the staff. (Tourist on TripAdvisor, June 2019).


Great experience. Used Arthamas for a day trip to Lembongan with snorkelling and a tour of the island. Fantastic experience, nice guide and excellent service (Tourist from Bristol, The United Kingdom on TripAdvisor, May 2019). 












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Contact Language Assistance, a Bali based sworn and certified translation office that offers high quality translations for Indonesian and foreign languages such as English, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, etc. 



Nusa Penida


Explore and understand the cultures of Bali! Such understanding will certainly rise your awareness on local cultures. Explore, respect and love!






Enjoy marine tourism in Bali where you can enjoy a day cruise in Bali to explore the sister islands of Bali such as Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida which offer you such great views to gaze and also a number of seaside activities such as banana boat ride, snorkelling, diving and swimming. 



Ayung Rafting 5


Amazing and challenging activities shall be experienced during your stay on this paradise island. Going with the flow of Bali's clean water along the twisting rivers would become your very impressive holiday experience in Bali while looking at the real river life that environmentally friendly. 





Are you planning to get married and spend your honeymoon in Bali? You will certainly experience your most unforgettable memory in your life. A number of wedding organizers are ready to organise your wedding on the true paradise island.



Cycling 12


Biking on the island of paradise will become such a very great experience in your life. This allows you to explore the remote sides of Bali through the villages and bumpy streets where the local people of Bali practise their routines in natural ways. 






Heritage Site in Bali: have you ever visited heritage sites in Bali? It would be very meaningful if you could visit some heritage tourism sites while you are spending holidays on the island. There are a number of sites that offer you such a fascinating heritage that remain to be gazed at to make your vacation on this paradise island more impressive.



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Bali is very popular for its temples. It ranges from family temple to public temple. There are a number of rites as a part of Balinese culture that can be seen while visiting temples across the island so-called "authentic". This would be much greater rather than enjoying staged attractions which purposely performed for tourists. Explore the island and enjoy these unique attractions.






Holiday in Bali will never be boring as there are a number of activities to engage with such as swimming, sunbathing, dolphin watching, relaxing on the beach, or showering in natural hot spring water. These activities will refresh your mind and refine your energy.



Batur Natural Hot Spring Water I NENGAH SUBADRA PHD   


Explore Indonesia - the richest cultural and natural resources in the world with millions of diversities. This is the best place where tourists can gaze at and engage with them while escaping daily routines.







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